Scrum for Team System v3 and Sharepoint 2010

When v3 of the Scrum for Team System process template was released, it was incompatible with Sharepoint 2010, and the portal would not install.  Crispin Parker has since released a .wsp that can be used with Sharepoint 2010, but it is a simple recompile of the 2007 site and has many errors, as blogged about by Richard Fennel.

Luckily, VS2010 includes a Sharepoint project type that is able to decompile a .wsp for editing.

Following the initial steps already documented on Richard’s blog I was able to get a working portal up and running fairly quickly.  The result is a Sharepoint 2010 version of the portal that fixes all of the issues while following the style of the other TFS process templates:

Sharepoint 2010 Portal in action

Download the Sharepoint 2010 Portal for Scrum For Team System v3

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